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About Me

I am a software developer from Cleveland, Ohio. I lived in the San Franciso Bay Area for a few years and now I am living in Tokyo Japan. I love learning new things and helping others acheive their goals.

Recent Projects

Page One

Show the first page of a book, if you like it reveal the title and author

Better Sticky Button

Shopify app built with ruby on rails

When you scroll a buy button becomes visible Has a buy button so customers can quickly add your product to cart Has a short description of the product. Skip cart to go directly to checkout

C50 Index


There are thousands of new crypto projects popping up in the world. It takes too much time and skill to sift through all of them. Why do so much work trying to pick a winner when you can own C50 instead?

C50 is a token backed by the top 50 cryptocurrencies.

It is a simple, safe, and secure way to diversify into crypto in one transaction. No stress. No fees. No missing out on the next big thing.

Jolt Alarm CLock
Get JOLTED awake! No taser required. Jolt will have you jumping of bed and dancing before your first cup of coffee. Jolt combines a fully-featured alarm clock with a new EDM song daily. Each song will be featured for one 24-hour period to ensure that it will be waking users around the world.

We've contacted countless EDM artists to provide great new music to bring some fun into your morning.

A new EDM song will play every single day to wake you up. It is an Android/IOS app. The app pulls data using a restful API written in Rails.

Product Loko
A business idea generator with over 10,000 combinations.

Written with ruby on rails. Hosted on OpenShift.

Dot Popper
An android and IOS game coded with a java library called Libgdx.

It is an arcade style dot popping game that is fun for the whole family. Get ready for some fun! Dot Popper is an exciting game of speed and accuracy where you must race against the clock to hit as many green dots as possible...while avoiding those pesky red dots!

Each time you pop a green dot, you get 1 point plus 1 extra second on the clock...but that green dot turns red! Watch out...each red dot you pop takes 2 seconds off the clock and reduces your score by 2. Have fun...and get ready to pop some dots!

Travel Scavenger hunt
A native android app that allows a family to play a fun version of eye-spy on their phones.

Whether you are traveling near or far, Travel Scavenger Hunt is sure to be tons of fun! The game prompts you to look out for things such a "yellow school bus" or "a red barn," and the first person in your group to locate that item gets a point...until you have a winner!

Features: - 500+ items to find!
- Great for road trips and families!
- Easy to use
- Free!

A game created in unity for my Game Design Final Project. The scripts for the project were created in C#. Zombies are invading the house.
Defend it.
Shoot the zombies.
Repair doors.

Family Resource Center Database Management Application – A C# application that I built for my senior capstone class. It is an application to help a local non-profit manage their clients. This is a Graphical User Interface for a SQL Server database.

Work History

Amazon Software Developer
Sep 2020 - Present

Developed the Fire Tablet and Alexa integrations using Android, Java, and Kotlin.

SBI Senior Frontend Developer
Jul 2019 - Sep 2020

Frontend developer working with a team of local and remote developers, building cryptocurrency software for financial services companies, using React, Javascript, and Java.

Solairo Senior Software Developer
Apr 2017 - Jul 2019

B2B Chat application. Used in major websites for customer support.

  • Worked on team of two
  • Created Single Page react SAAS Application with a rails backend
  • Used by ~30 companies
  • Rails 5 Backend, Typescript, React Frontend, ES6, Heroku, Cloudinary, Flux, Redux

Answrly LLC Founder
Jan 2016 — Feb 2017

A website that you can go to to get your questions answered by professionals. It's there to answer the questions you can't find on a search engine.

  • Created Everything
  • Ruby on Rails App. Running on Amazon AWS. Nginx. Capistrano. Cofeescript. Stripe. Javascript. Erb.
  • Handled marketing and managing company

Tata Consultancy Services Software Engineer
Jul 2015 — Apr 2017

  • Wrote ASP MVC Applications
  • Worked on PowerShell scripts for major biomedical company
  • Worked in team of 8
  • Dealt with Windows file permissions
  • Suported Concur, Kronos, AssureNET Softwares
  • Supported SQL Server

Snapp Digital Software Developer
Jul 2015 — Dec 2015

  • Coded critical piece of software to display advertisements
  • Used PHP, Javascript, JQuery, MAMP, HTML, CSS, S3, JSON, CURL
  • Developed restful API to track ad analytics. Used Ruby on Rails, heroku, TDD, MVC, CURL

Miami University Resident Assistant
Jul 2012 — Dec 2015

  • Directly responsible for over 100 residents over 3 years.
  • Dealt with conflicts
  • Worked in team of 12
  • rganized events

Progressive Insurance Application Developer Intern
Jul 2014 — Jul 2014

  • worked on the backend and front-end of
  • working on automated scripts with FitNesse
  • C#/.NET, SASS, HTML, and CSS
  • sped up an internal application by over 4x
  • The application that I helped work on was an internal reporting tool that collected all of the errors in the system and display them. The displayed errors were logged into a database. Every time someone tried to query the database it could take up to a minute or longer to load all of the errors and display them on the screen. I was able to get the speed increases by implementing paging, changing data-structures, fixing multithreading issues, and eliminating a lot of wasted code. This resulted in a site that was faster and mobile responsive.

Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp Camp Counselor | Lifeguard | Ski Coach
May 2011 — Aug 2012

  • Eight week extreme sports overnight camp for ages 7 -17.
  • Responsible for 60 campers each week from all over the world.
  • Interacted with campers, parents, and professional athletes.
  • Assisted in coaching skiing.
  • Worked as lifeguard.
  • Worked at one of the only ski water ramps in the world.

Independence Pool Lifeguard
May 2009 — Aug 2012

  • Red Cross Certified
  • Water Safety Instructor Certified
  • Worked Outdoor / Indoor Pool

Freeport McMoran Copper & Gold Process Control Intern
Jul 2012 — Jul 2012

  • Programmed a Allen Bradley PLC to automate a pump-house.
  • Promoted safety throughout the mine.
  • Programmed in Ladder Logic.

Ohio Represent T-Shirts Co-Owner and Founder
Jul 2010 — Jul 2011

  • Co-Owner and founder of "Ohio Represent", a T-Shirt company that was made to promote Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Designed T-Shirt graphics
  • Screen printed with quality inc and t-shirts
  • Used professional equipment
  • Managed currency
  • Promoted company, developed brand strategy, web site traffic growth
  • Produced a profitable and successful business

Boston Mills & Brandywine Ski Instructor
December 2009 – February 2010

  • Instructed groups and private lessons
  • Gave positive motivation and support
  • Taught in a professional manner